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The Academy consists of 2 institutes, 6 faculties, 27 departments, 7 centres, 1 sports and fitness complex (SOK, Russian: СОК МЧС России), training experimental complex (UEK, Russian: УЭК), fire training unit (UPCH, Russian: УПЧ).


- Institute of Special Training

- Institute of Development EMERCOM of Russia



- Research Centre

- Centre of Scientific and Technical Information

- Centre of Modern Educational Software Development

- Centre of Public Relations and International Co-Operation

- Centre of Resource-and-Technical Support

- Centre of Telecommunications

- Centre of Educational Work and Culture



- Faculty of Supervisory personnel (officers)

- Faculty of Postal Tuition (officers and civil personnel)

- Engineering Command Faculty (cadets)

- Faculty for Training Civil Specialists (students)

- Faculty for Training Foreign Specialists (military personnel from CIS)

- Faculty for Training Teaching Staff and Scientific Personnel (postgraduate students)


Departments (since November 1, 2010)

- Department of Operational Control of Civil Defence and RSCHS (Prevention and Response Russian Emergency Situations System) activities

- Department of Tactics

- Department of Information Systems and Technologies

- Department of RSCHS Day-to-day Activities Management and Operating

- Department of Wrecking

- Department of Radiological and Chemical Protection

- Department of Medico-Biological and Ecological Protection

- Department of Engineering Protection of populations and territories

- Department of Economics, Finance and Management

- Department of Economic and Life Support Stability

- Department of Mobilization Activity

- Department of Logistics

- Department of Philosophy, History and Culture

- Department of Higher Mathematics

- Department of Foreign Languages

- Department of Mechanics and Engineering Graphics

- Department of Sports and Physical Education

- Department of Physics

- Department of Material Science and Chemistry

- Department of Applied Mathematics

- Department of Rescue Hardware and Machinery Operation

- Department of Psychology, Pedagogics and Scientific Disciplines

- Department of Law

- Department of RSCHS Communications and Warning

- Department of State Supervision and Fire safety

- Emergency Monitoring Department

- Department of Public Administration

There is also a Dissertational Council functioning in the CDA. Currently there are 22 Scientific Schools formed where scientific experiments are carried out under direct control of the CDA professional scientists.

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